404 Not Found Error Message

A 404 Not Found error message indicates that the server was unable to find the requested resource. However, in some cases a 404 error message may be returned if WordPress or the server is not configured correctly to allow access to the WordPress REST API.

WS Form and even some core WordPress features rely on the WordPress REST API and therefore it should not be disabled.

If you receive a 404 error message when editing or submitting a form you may receive an error that includes a path such as:


Here are some things you can check:

WordPress Security Plugins

Ensure that any security plugins are not inadvertently restricting access to the REST API. Some security plugins offer options to disable the REST API so you should ensure this setting is not in use.


If you’re using a server level firewall such as ModSecurity, verify that it is configured to allow access to the REST API endpoints.

Permalink Settings

Ensure your WordPress Permalink settings are set to Post name and not Plain.

Error Logs

If the above suggestions do not correct the problem, we would recommend checking your error logs for further clues. Consider reaching out to your hosting provider who may be able to provide a further insight into the cause of the 404 error message.

Whitelist the WS Form Rest API Endpoints

If you need to whitelist the REST API endpoints for WS Form, you can whitelist requests including the following path: