Tip: We recommend only one reCAPTCHA appears on a web page.

This field is used to add a reCAPTCHA to your form.

WS Form Pro supports all current versions of reCAPTCHA, including:

  • Version 2 – Image / Audio reCAPTCHA
  • Version 2 – Invisible reCAPTCHA
  • Version 3 – Action based invisible reCAPTCHA

Register Your Website with reCAPTCHA

In order to use reCAPTCHA, you first need to register your website with Google’s reCAPTCHA admin page.

  • To register for a Version 2 reCAPTCHA, click here.
  • To register for a Version 3 reCAPTCHA, click here.

Once you have registered your website, you will be provided with two keys:

  • Site key
  • Secret key

Add reCAPTCHA to Your Form

To add a reCAPTCHA field to your form, simply click reCAPTCHA from the right-hand toolbox and drag it to your form. The field settings sidebar will then appear.

Select the appropriate reCAPTCHA version from the select pulldown. Depending on which version you choose, you will then be prompted to provide the following information:

Site Key

Enter the site key provided when you registered your website.

Secret Key

Enter the secret key provided when you registered your website.


If checked the field will be hidden on the form. It can be shown again using conditional logic or your own JavaScript.

Version 2 Settings


You can choose image or audio for your reCAPTCHA type. The audio reCAPTCHA is a convenient option for the visually impaired.


Visible reCAPTCHAs are available in a dark or light theme. Choose a theme that suits your website design.


As well as the normal-sized reCAPTHCA, a compact version can also be selected.

Badge Position (Invisible Only)

For the invisible version, you can determine where you would like the reCAPTCHA badge to appear.

Version 2 Settings

Version 2 reCAPTCHAs sit silently on your website and require no interaction from your website visitors.

Version 2 only requires that you enter an action name. This name is used to identify the action that initiated the reCAPTCHA and is used to crossreference calls in the reCAPTCHA admin pages. You can just leave this field as is using the default value of:


Or you can enter your own.

Version 3 Submissions

When a submission is successfully made on your website and you have a Version 3 reCAPTCHA on the page, Google provides a spam score. The spam score is stored against your submissions and is represented as a colored circle on the submissions page. If you hover your mouse cursor over the colored circle, you can see the percentage score WS Form has given a submission in terms of spam scoring. The scoring ranges from 0% (not spam, shown in green) to 100% (blatant spam,  shown in red).