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Michael Carter

I understand what you’re trying to achieve, but I’m struggling to see the need simply because a user may or may not come across the page in the future that contains the form again, and even if they did, the form would tell them they have already completed hence the user would then continue on their way knowing there nothing for them on that page.

If this was to prevent access to specific pages once the form was submitted, then I’d create a new user type called pass for example. I’d add a registration action to the form so when an existing user completes the form, they would also inherit the new user type of pass. You could then hide the form page and any other page or post from all pass users.

I know it’s a long winded way around, but unless you can hard code a specific argument where the page was hidden from future view on submission, it’s not something I’ve ever seen WSForms archive.

Sorry I can add anymore to this, but I’ll follow to see if the support team can provide a deeper insight as it has some rather interesting ramifications if it is indeed a simple solution.