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Krishna Kirtan

Thanks so much, Michael. I appreciate it.

I have encountered this issue, and I don’t want users to go through it… To go to the next page, one must go through the form.

Look, I was on the form, submitted it, and went to the next page. I had an emergency and had to leave the house. I closed my computer. I came back, and now I have to submit the form again to go to that page. Now, I don’t want to receive multiple submissions, and at the same time, a user should just be redirected. Know what I mean?

The process is like this…
User clicks on the subscription plan button in the homepage > redirect > Registration form page > redirect > to this form I’ve been talking about > redirect > checkout > redirect > to the customer dashboard.

Button > Registration > form > checkout > dashboard

Everything is all set up. I just want the limit by submission count to have a redirect option.

Let’s say a user who has already signed up (they are automatically logged in after registration) clicks on this subscription plan button. They skip the registration form (redirected to the next page “form”) because they have already registered and are logged in. They are then brought to this “form” page. The ONLY thing I need to do is redirect them, since they have already submitted this “form”, to the checkout page.

I hope I haven’t confused anyone.

Oh, and welcome John! 😀