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Kirsten Hoyte

Thanks. Actually, the wordpress hooks feature may be too advanced for me to use, and it doesn’t quite address my real need anyway (I don’t think). I wasn’t specific enough in my request. As someone who does not actually know how to do much (any) coding, I am searching for a way to easily pull data from an external data source into the data grids in my select fields without having to import a new csv file into the select fields each time my data changes.

Using a csv stored in wordpress as a datasource would be ok as a last resort, but it doesn’t fully solve my problem because it would still require updating that csv in wordpress each time the data changes. What I really want is a simple way for my datasource to actually be a Google Sheet or possibly an Airtable. I had assumed that this might be possible with either the Zapier or the Google Sheets Add-on, but as I read the knowledge base, it seems as if both of those add-ons are more geared towards pushing the submitted form results out to other sources. Basically, I want to pull data from non wordpress sources into my select field, and I am hoping there is a no coding (or very light coding) was to do it. Thanks!