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Hi Mark.

I am looking at your change log, starting from after 1.8.90 (the working version).
I notice that in 1.8.96, you added Bug Fix Elementor Popups.
Seeing that 1.8.90 works absolutely fine with El’s popups, do you have an archive of previous releases that I could check for potential discrepancies ?

Many thanks.

= 1.8.96 =
* Bug Fix: Elementor pop-ups

= 1.8.95 =
* Added: Support for forms in preview mode in Elementor
* Added: Row select value support for price select fields
* Bug Fix: Pods Yes/No field data grid rows

= 1.8.94 =
* Added: Improvements to functions.php for later PHP versions
* Changed: Behavior of rating field adjusted so that conditional logic does not fire on input

= 1.8.93 =
* Added: Cascading filter column comma separated value setting

= 1.8.92 =
* Added: LiteSpeed cache support
* Added: Notion field ID support in sidebar select fields

= 1.8.91 =
* Added: #seconds_epoch_midnight client-side variable returns seconds elapsed since Unix Epoch up until the closest previous midnight
* Bug Fix: Sidebar repeater select options were not disabling if value contained forward slashes in value
* Bug Fix: Select fields configured to use Select2, multiple and tagging enabled were no appearing in #field variables server side

= 1.8.90 =
* Added: Support for comma separated values in cascading fields
* Added: Hide Child Terms options in Terms data source (Only returns terms with a parent ID of 0)
* Added: Automatic column mapping on ‘Get Data’ for data sources
* Bug Fix: Data source save on sidebar conditional processing