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Home Forums General Why is my Submissions list empy? Reply To: Why is my Submissions list empy?

Saskia Lund

Hej Mark!

Yes, there is a “Save Submission” action added by default to the form.
See screenshot here:

I would like to get the actions running for the correct order status, but I don’t understand how I can set this up.. I read the mentioned article, but I still don’t understand where this should be set.
The article says that I would choose the corresponding woocommerce order statuses that will trigger the action. I would like form submission to be triggered. But in form submissions action there is no woocommerce order status option, that I could choose from.

Hm its a bit confusing, because I would also like to see woocommerce infos with the submission: order id and billing firstname, billing lastname, billing emailaddress.
I sent a form export file via support contact form provided 🙂

Any help appreciated.

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