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Saskia Lund

Hej again Mark,

thanks for your input!

The goal is the following:

Approach 1
I want to register a custom post type called “teams” with some custom taxonomies (f.e. type of race: running, walking, kids;)
Each team post has some custom fields:
1. teamcaptain (is billing first name and billing last name),
2. depending on the number of team members a set or rows with fields for team members first and lastnames, their gender, age, race time taken (will be added dynamically after the race) and if needed t-shirt sizes.
3. race type assigned via taxonomy
4. a custom field with order id
5. a custom field with company name if given

wsforms scope:
Now, when the order status is set to complete (or anything else like a custom status: paid or so), another action is supposed to push the form entries to the rest endpoint of the teams post type and the teams are automatically created.

outside the scope of wsforms:
Of course I must build a php API to set up the number of team members and ordered finisher shirts according to the submission records.
Then I will build another php method, that will extend the woocommerce my account page so that the customer can access their registered teams in their my account area in a separate tab. Here they should be able to edit their teams’ members names and shirt sizes, age and gender.

From what I read in wsforms documentation it should be possible to get this done with given actions feature, right?