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Mark Westguard

Sorry about that, but I don’t understand how you would calculate progress unless the fields are required.

The Progress element is intended to show the percentage of a task being completed, 0% = incomplete, 100% = fully completed.

If a field is not required it is considered optional, therefore the progress of the form should not increase regardless of whether the field is completed or not.

If you had 5 fields, none required, what would constitute 20% or 40% of the form being completed (for example)? There is no way to calculate it.

Without required fields there is no way of showing what percentage of the form has been completed. If a user opts to not complete a field, you’d get a progress that does not equal 100%.

For your LinkedIn example, you could perhaps have a checkbox that says ‘Do you have a LinkedIn profile?’, if checked you could show the required LinkedIn profile URL field. That way if they don’t have a profile it would be excluded from the progress because it is hidden.

You could possibly achieve what you need with have hidden fields for each field that would contain -1 or 1 (I’m not sure why you would use -1) but it would be quite a lot of conditional logic to do that and would make it difficult to manage.

I’m not aware of any other form plugin that calculates form progress in the way you are stating but if you can give me a working example maybe I can look into adding this to WS Form for you.

Many thanks