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      Dave Kirkpatrick

      Fluent Forms has a feature I’m hoping WS has, that I’m just missing:

      Dynamic SmartCodes “{dynamic.YOUR_INPUT_NAME}: to show data from any input”

      This allows me to build a quasi conversational form, when after the user fills in the field for their First Name (as an example) the form has a section somewhere below that will automagically read, “Thank you [First Name], what product can we help you with?”

      Is this possible in WS Forms?

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      Mark Westguard

      Hi Dave

      This should do what you need:

      Duplicate / Copy Field Values With #text

      This may also be of interest:

      Create a Form Summary



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      Dave Kirkpatrick

      Thanks Mark! The Duplicate value worked just right, and I appreciate the summary suggestion, which could be very cool for an invitation (RSVP) type event.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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