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      I created a form with two tabs with the Next-Tab-Button only working when all fields in the first tab validate.

      Is it possible to change the button-label as long as not all fields validate?
      Something like “Please fill out all fields”, changing to “Next Step” when the button gets active?

      Or maybe there is a better way altogether?
      I need a 2-step form inside a modal. The first step is to gather information, the second step has text and a button that triggers various actions (Send form, File Download, Javascript to close modal). As this all happens inside a modal, using the tabs seemed like the best way to me.

      Here are two screenshots of my modal with the form:

      Thanks for your advice!

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      Mark Westguard

      Hi Sebastian

      I am sorry for the delay in responding, your message ended up in quarantine in our forum plugin.

      Yes that is possible! You can use conditional logic as follows:

      IF [Tab] [Validated] THEN [Button] [Set label] “Next” ELSE [Button] [Set label] “Please complete all fields”



Viewing 1 reply thread
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