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      Mohd Latef

      Hey there, I just installed wsform on of my sites. I have not setup caching on my website (yet), I added a form to my oxygen builder. Later on, I decided to change the label of the submit button + input position. So from the from settings I changed it. When I click on the button preview from, it shows the form with the latest modification. However, inside oxygen builder + front page is not showing any modification I did.. I tried to open the page in incognito browser and still same issue. I really not sure what the issue could be.

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      Mark Westguard

      Hi Mohd

      Are you clicking ‘Publish’ before checking the form on the live website?

      If you are it suggests you might have some caching going on somewhere. Try doing a hard refresh of the page by holding down shift and clicking refresh in your browser.



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      Mohd Latef

      Oh my bad, I did not click publish. UIpress was hiding the top bar.

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