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      David De Laet


      We created an hierarchical custom taxonomy.
      For example Apple -> IPhone -> IPhone XS
      We have 3 select fields where the parent – child of a parent and a child of a child of that parent should be pulled in those select boxes. Can you advise how we get the child of a parent in a select field? Also the child of a child of that parent in a select.

      Thanks in advance


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      I believe this has to be done via hook. Basically have 3 select fields:

      field 1 rows:
      value | id

      field 2 rows:
      value | id | parentid

      field 3 rows:
      value | id | parentid

      Then you have to prefill these 3 fields via hook and for fields 2+3 you have to have cascading logic:
      in field 3 show entries which have parentid = field2_id
      in field 2 show entries which have parentid = field1_id

      I think there is no other way to achieve this.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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