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Home Forums General Has anyone linked the Advanced Custom Fields Option Page to wsform?

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      Dom Sinclair


      I’m having a great deal of success with Advanced Custom Fields creating custom fields for existing post types and then accessing these additional fields for use in wsform. I have just been looking at an article on ACF Pro’s Options Page and a whole string of little bells are ringing away in my head as I realise the possibility that these can open up if they are readily available in wsform, and more importantly their values cane be set, or reset, on submission from a form that is available on the front end.

      I know that I could purchase a copy of acf pro and then see if it is possible to use these option pages with wsform and if not go through the rigmarole of requesting a refund but I figured that it might make more sense to ask here first in the hope that someone has a copy of acf pro anyway and could verify one way or the other whether it would indeed in theory be feasible to set these field values from the front end using a custom wsform.

      Many thanks


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      Afaik you can’t change something in the options directly with built in features.
      BUT it is possible to fire a hook after form submission and in there you can basically do whatever you want.

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      Dom Sinclair


      That is in fact the approach I’m going to take.

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