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Home Forums General How “weighty” is the plugin’s output in terms of JS/CSS assets on a page?

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      Adam Helman

      Hi there

      Wondering if there are any stats indicating how many KB of CSS and/or JavaScript assets get added to pages?

      And, are they only added on the pages a form is rendered (and if not, is there a way to control that)?


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      Mark Westguard

      Hi Adam

      The WS Form JS / CSS is only loaded on pages that contain a form.

      The amount of CSS and/or JavaScript (including configuration JSON) depends on a number of factors, including:

      – The size of your form
      – Which field types you have on a form (e.g. Select2, Signature, Data/Time Picker, Color Picker etc are all loaded separately to minimize loading itmes)
      – Whether WS Form is configured to use CDN or local versions of external libraries. We allow you to use CDN versions of all third party libraries.
      – Whether you have framework / skin CSS enabled (this can be disable if you wish to use your own CSS)
      – Whether your site has SCRIPT_DEBUG set to true or false. We honor this global and deliver a minimized version of the scripts if it is set to false.
      – Whether WS Form is configured to pre-compile CSS (See Global Settings –> Advanced)
      – Whether WS Form is configured to use inline CSS (See Global Settings –> Advanced)
      – Whether your server hosting is using gzip etc

      Therefore, it is not really possible to state how many KB is used. It varies considerably according to your configuration and server setting.

      We try our best to minimize this and we have plans to cut this down further in the near future. As with all plugins / frameworks there will always be some redundancy over custom coding from ground up.

      Many thanks


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      Adam Helman

      Thanks Mark

      That’s really helpful – and makes sense.

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      Hey Mark

      On this topic:
      Is there a chance you get rid of jQuery in the future?
      Because as soon as we use wsform pagespeed says “mimimi jquery”.

      I personally don’t really care but our clients do because pagespeed is the only thing that matters 😉

      Best regards

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      Mark Westguard

      We may consider this is in future, but the work involved would be immense so it won’t be any time soon I’m afraid.


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