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      Bernhard Bruns

      Hi all,

      first of all thank you very much, Mark, for this great and feature-rich plugin. Its functionalities are overwhelming and I am very happy to use it.

      For a client I am trying to put together a form which makes use of the featured images within the selectable options like this plugin for cf7 and to set up a cascading select option based on post relationships.

      There is a cpt ‘Leistungen’ which is related to the cpt ‘Techniken’. The cpts are created with Pods and its relationship function. I’ve set up two select fields which are getting data of these cpts. But adding the corresponding meta keys in each select-field leads to an [object Object]-entry. Therfore I am not able to filter the 2nd select field by [object Object] and I don’t see any option to choose the meta key in the 2nd select field to use the key as a filter.

      Do you have any idea or are you able to get me into the right direction on how to get the images into the selectable options and how to set up the casacding of the second select (Techniken)?

      Best regards, TIA and greetings from Germany!


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      Mark Westguard

      Hi Bernhard

      Thank you for your kind feedback!

      We don’t have integration with Pods yet, but it is on the cards. I would recommend adding Pods integration to our feature request page:

      Feature Requests

      Then we can get some votes for it and get it higher up the implementation schedule.

      The reason we need specific integration for Pods is for some of their data types that are store in a format that is not native to WordPress (e.g. images) which, as you have seen, are stored as an object. This is not unusual, its just we need some code added to handle that. We do the same for ACF at great depth.



Viewing 1 reply thread
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