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      Hi there again

      I’ve a form which is nice styled on desktop and everything is looking good.
      The column size for the label is set to 1 column.

      Meanwhile on mobile the form locks not that good. Because of the 1-column label the fields are messed up.
      Is there an easy way to manipulate the label size for other screensizes? 🙂

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      Mark Westguard


      Here is a knowledge base article that explains how to use the responsive features of WS Form. You can create custom form layouts for each breakpoint, e.g. mobile devices can have different section and field sizes to desktop layouts.

      Responsive Forms



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      Hi Mark

      I’m not sure if you got my question right 🙂
      I know about the responsive-sizing features and that’s what I already use. The problem is not about sizing the (whole) field, the problem is the label-size.
      For example I can set the field-size to 12 cols on mobile and 4 cols on desktop. So far so good.
      The problem is, I have only one setting for label size. Let’s say it’s 3 cols (default).
      On mobile the label-size (3col) has not enough space to display the label on one line while on desktop this is no problem.
      So basically what I want to achieve is that on mobile the label itself is 6col while on desktop it’s still 3col.

      Do you know what I mean?

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      Mark Westguard

      Sorry I missed this response Christian! At present the left label width is the same for mobile and desktop, but there are various other label position options that would be more appropriate for a mixed mobile / desktop layout.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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