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      In a large restaurant menu, in one of MB field groups, I forgot to set price number field to ‘any’ step.
      After compiling the new form, with the above mentioned mistake, I went on changing the MB field step setting to ‘any’.
      The WSForm would not pick on this change even when I removed the mapped price field and remapped it.
      In the end I had to restart the form building from scratch.

      Hope this helps.

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      Mark Westguard

      When you build a form from a template it is not sync’d with the source post. This is by design for both performance reasons but also to ensure any changes you make to the form after it is created are not overwritten.

      Select, checkbox and radio field options *can* be sync’d by using the data source feature (which using a template will do by default).



Viewing 1 reply thread
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