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      Thanks for OpenAI integration, it is very cool feature.

      Sometimes we want user to input data In the form and then get results after being processed in OpenAI API
      Input texts should be well designed before sent to OpenAI API, the process is called PROMPT ENGINEERING

      that final texts that have to be sent to OpenAI API sometimes need to be Hidden to users, that can not see it. Sometimes user inputs must be combined into one paragraphs and then send to API

      Mu question:
      How can I combine multiple Fields input into one field which is Hidden, then this Field finally to be sent to OpenAI API.

      Maybe I’m offering online business business plan making Using AI,
      I will collect 5 data from customers, and then I will use hidden fields to add some instructions to the AI… The combine those 5 data fields with 2 hidden instructions into one paragraphs that will be the final text to be sent to OpenAI API to get response results. So some of fields a front user doesn’t need to see them.

      How can I achieve that?

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      Or maybe at OpenAI action page in the input field:

      There can be a textarea field to write a prompt there. Which will allow to write a combination of fields

      Example of ENGINEERED PROMPT below which combine multiple Fields with additional instructions in it.
      I’m #user_display_name, who is working at #field(9), who is born in #field(1). I want to do a business #field(12), with capital #field(19), in the city of #field(3). Write to me a business plan while taking care the size of capital I have.

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      Mark Westguard

      I’m using prompt engineering right now on a project for WS Form. I’m going to add input options in the Make OpenAI Request action:

      – Field (You choose a field as is the current input option)
      – Custom (You can build up the input using a combination of text and WS Form variables, e.g. #field(123) to insert a field value

      It is currently possible to do it with a hidden field and using something like #text ( but I think this approach will make it easier. It’ll also hide the prompt mask from the user.



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      Thanks for feedback… This is awesome I will use it

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      Is it possible to combine in default field something like

      “I’m coming from text(#field(8)), to text(#field(12)) so that I can work for text(#field(14)) hours”

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      Mark Westguard

      Yes but the syntax would be:

      I’m coming from #text(#field(8)), to #text(#field(12)) so that I can work for #text(#field(14)) hours.

      Please note that this forum is not for product support. For official support please use

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      Mark Westguard

      Version 1.0.4 of our OpenAI add-on went live today. It has the following new features:

      * Added: Input masking (Allowing for prompt engineering)
      * Added: Output masking
      * Added: Output wpautop setting
      * Added: #openai_input, #openai_mode, #openai_prompt_token, #openai_completion_token, #openai_total_token variables



Viewing 6 reply threads
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