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      1. Getting ability to map fields with token usage…
      When OpenAI return data it also return token usage


      For monitoring purposes in multiuser website, can we get the ability to map form fields with token usage in each API request/response?

      2. I have #field(9) which is text area, is there a way to use number of characters in another field… For calculation purposes

      ie: #field(10) count number of characters in #field(9)

      Something like #character_count(#field(9))

      So then letter I can use in my calculations for costs per characters

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      Mark Westguard

      In the next version of the OpenAI add-on there are additional variables you can use to extract the token usage values. You will need to run the form with a submit button rather conditional logic with a button to make this work as the actions have to run concurrently for this to work.

      You can make a feature request for the character count variable here:

Viewing 1 reply thread
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