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      TMC Media


      So I’m looking to push data to a custom endpoint. I have been able to correctly input the header api key and the data and I am sending it to the correct link.

      However, in the POST JSON, at the top, I need to wrap the form in:

      “contactType”: {
      “id”: -1,
      “name”: “Contactform”,
      “label”: “Contactform”

      So the end result is

      “contactType”: {
      “id”: -1,
      “name”: “Contactform”,
      “label”: “Contactform”
      “companyname”: “Company”,
      “street”: “Streetname”,
      “housenumber”: “1”,
      “postalcode”: “1000AA”,
      “city”: “City”,
      “firstname”: “Firstname”,
      “lastname”: “Lastname”,
      “phone”: “0000000000”,
      “email”: “”,
      “description”: “Test bericht”

      What could I do in order to achieve this?

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      Mark Westguard

      The ‘Push to Custom Endpoint’ action doesn’t currently support multi-level data as you have described, but we have plans to extend its capabilities to do that.

      You would need to use the ‘Run WordPress Hook’ action and use some custom PHP code to achieve that currently.

      Process Submit Data with a WordPress Hook

      Out of interest, where are you pushing this data to? Perhaps it could be a contender for a new add-on 😉



Viewing 1 reply thread
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