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      Hello there

      Is it possible to add other data sources and/or remove existing data sources?
      Would be extremely helpful beeing able to do have some presets 🙂

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      Mark Westguard


      The presets dropdown loads from our CDN so they are fixed but if you have some suggestions for additional presets we could add we’d love to hear about that.

      In addition to presets, you can also import your own CSV files into the data grid area. To do that, either drag and drop the CSV file into the data grid area, or click the import icon.

      In future we’re planning on adding even more data sources, particularly for our integration add-ons.


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      Dan Dickson

      It would be really handy if we could pull the data dynamically from a SQL table or a static csv file hosted locally when the form loads, I thought I made a feature request for that before but I cannot seem to find it now.


Viewing 2 reply threads
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