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      Honi Keller

      I need to send the form data after hit submit in the URL to the next page which is Thank you page. Can you please let me
      Know the steps of actions I need to perform as I checked the documentation of the plugin but that is not helpful at all.

      I just need to send the form data on submit to the next page in the URL.

      Looking forward for your quick response to me as I am trying to link the form to an affiliate program without having to have and ecommerce checkout.

      Many thanks

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      Hi Honi

      I achieved this with getparams in the redirection URL.

      In form actions:
      Redirect to
      You can add multiple params with the corresponding field.

      on your thank you page:
      Create another form where you could use fields with #query_var (for this example => #query_var(“ct-contact-email”) in a field default value).
      Or just read the params manually in your new site.

      Hope this helps

      Best regards

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      Honi Keller

      Thanks Nico,

      That didn’t send the field value in the URL.

      I would like to send the form fields values entered by the user on the form submitted to the next page in the URL.

      I created a form and added a custom form action URL

      Upload My Photo

      I need the thankyou page to read the amount field, which for our form is field 100 the indivdual form ID number that is given to each client on submission.

      Any help here would be greatly appreciated!


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      Mark Westguard

      Hi Honi

      Per our support ticket exchange, you would do that with a redirect action instead of using the custom form action setting.


      Many thanks


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