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      Saskia Lund

      Hello there!
      I would like to set the allowed maximum (or minimum) value of a number or range field depending on current value of another number or range field.

      So for example if the user selected lets say 5 apples by a number field or range field, then he can select a maximum of 5 napkins from another number or range field.

      Is this possible? And how do you do this? There is an option at the maximum and minimum field setting where I can select another field, but I think I am doing something wrong, because it doesnt “do” anything…

      Thanks in advance!

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      Mark Westguard

      Hello Saskia,

      This can be done with our Conditional Logic. Let’s say you have a number field with an ID of 123. Your conditional logic would be: IF Number On change or input THEN Range Slider set maximum #field(123)


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      Saskia Lund

      I just found another solution:

      when in maximum setting of the number field, you can select a field which will provide the max value. lets say field#13, then you must simply enter #calc(#field(13)) in the maximum setting of the number or range field.

      thanks for your reply anyways!!

Viewing 2 reply threads
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