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      Kirsten Hoyte

      Hi, I have a few questions

      I’ve created a select field that uses another field as a filter. This works perfectly in that after the user changes the first field, the select field shows the filtered values that I want. However, sometimes there is only one matching option to the filter. And even though the select field displays this value, it doesn’t seem to be actually selected or recognized by my conditional logic. Is that because the user didn’t actually select it manually? My question is if I use a filter and there is only one possible option remaining in the select field’s pulldown menu (or for that matter only one available option for a radio button or checkbox that has been filtered) is there a way to force wsform to select that option automatically?

      My second question is for repeatable sections. I read the demo/tutorial that you made available, and I understand how to create a table with a summary that uses #section_rows_start(id) and #section_rows_end in order to list all of the values in a field from my repeatable section. But is there a way to programmatically access a specific row in a repeatable section? So if my user has entered perhaps five rows of information, what if I just want to write some conditional logic that uses just the data entered in row 3 or 4 rather than all of the rows? Or if I wanted my summary table to only show the information entered in the first few rows rather than them all?

      In general, I would love more examples and documentation for all parts of wsform, particularly conditional logic and the variable reference. I see the variables listed but it is not always clear how to use them. For example, I am confused about what the #section_row_index variable is and how one uses it. Also where could I find an example that uses the items in the Data Grid Rows section of variable reference. And finally, is there an operation that could turn a text entry into a number or really what I am asking is can wsform only perform numerical calculations on numbers entered into number/price/quantity fields. Can I force it to work with digits entered into a text field or chosen in a select field as numbers not characters?

      Thanks and I am sorry if these questions are basic or obvious.


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      Mark Westguard

      Hi Kirsten

      Could you please send submit these questions via our support page? This forum is not for product support.




Viewing 1 reply thread
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