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      Olija Hasan


      I have a semi-complex question and hopefully there is an answer or a possibility of the feature being added soon but, currently I have posts called “Editors” where there is a list of hire-able editors on my website. Now I currently have only ONE form, that pulls some info from the URL, such as Editor Name, Inability phrases (which I use to disable certain radios/select options if the editor can not do said option). Since I only use the one form, but multiple editors can be hired from the form, is there a way to time out the form from being used or submitted if a certain editor has been purchased so many times?

      I know there is an option to limit form submissions but this won’t do since again there are multiple editors. In ACF I have a select field, which I usually use to manually set a editor as “Unavailable”, which makes the button on the website unclickable. So is it possible that if a form is submitted so many times for x editor then it will trigger the ACF field to auto switch to “Unavailable”? That’s would be the biggest lifesaver if this is achievable. Because if someone or a group of people mass order at one time, they’ll be able to overwhelm the editors before I even have a chance to mark them as “Unavailable” .

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      Mark Westguard

      Hi Olija

      I’m afraid this is not a native feature of WS Form but perhaps consider using the ‘Run WordPress Hook’ when a form is submitted to run your own PHP code server-side to achieve this.



Viewing 1 reply thread
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