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      Khalill Marsh

      Hi All,

      I’d like to extract the available Stripe Elements variables (#stripe_customer_id #stripe_subscription_id #stripe_transaction_id) to a Metabox CPT text field, but I’m unable to do so. I have the WS Form Agency bundle with Post Management, Stripe Elements & Meta Box Integration add-ons installed.

      I’m able to view the transaction_id when adding the variable ID “#stripe_transaction_id” to Actions “Show Message
      ” and “Send Email”, but I can’t transfer that data to a WS Form field nor add it to a “Post Management” Action (Meta Box Field Mapping).

      I’ve tried Condition Logic (On form save/submission, update form field(s) to #stripe_transaction_id). The WS form field and Meta Box CPT fields are nil when the form is submitted via Stripe Submit.

      I’ve experimented with creating a WordPress hook, but I can’t figure out how to call/find WS Form variables (#stripe_customer_id #stripe_subscription_id #stripe_transaction_id). The Knowledge Base only cover instances of obtaining/editing data in WS Form fields.

      Link to my form (Stripe Elements is in Test Mode – 4242….CC#):


      Khalill G. Marsh

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      Mark Westguard

      For official support, please use

      These variables are only available for use in actions. You do not add them to fields, there should be no need.



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      Khalill Marsh

      Hi Mark,

      Cheers for the quick response! I’ll send a follow-up through the support channel shortly.



Viewing 2 reply threads
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