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      Krishna Kirtan


      I love the plugin. I’ve been playing with it all day. I am trying to figure out how to make a form I’ve created be restricted to one submission per user.

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      Krishna Kirtan

      Excuse me. I have found the limit option however I would like it to redirect as it happens when a user submits the form.

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      Michael Carter

      Hi Krishna,

      Mark posted about this topic a while back, here is what he put back then

      It is possible to limit form submissions by duplicate values on most field types within a certain duration.

      For example:

      Email –> Advanced –> Duplication –> No Submission Duplicated
      Email –> Advanced –> Duplication –> Within (Select: Past Day)

      Hope this helps

      Warm regards, Mick

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      Michael Carter

      Here is a link to how to redirect a form on submission.


      The knowledge base has a wealth of information on most topics as well.

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      Krishna Kirtan

      Thank you for sharing the links! I do have the user redirect to a different page after submission. If a user stumbles upon this form, they cannot submit it again. They are shown a message that they have already submitted. So, if a user stumbles upon the form again, I want them to be redirected to another page. At the moment the redirect happens only when they submit and not when they stumble across the form again.

      I hope that makes sense.

      In the form settings, there is a tab called Limit, and I have limited it to only 1 submission.

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      Michael Carter

      So you want the user to not be able to see the form at all once its been initially submitted? or just for a day.
      If the limit you set is for only 1 submission per day per user, then any redireect would have to clear each day as well ?

      Or can the user only submit the form once as never required a second time?

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      Krishna Kirtan

      Correct, they cannot see the form once it has been initially submitted. They will see a message instead of the form saying they have already submitted the form. And then I want it to redirect to another page.

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      John McBade

      Interesting thread.


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      Michael Carter

      I understand what you’re trying to achieve, but I’m struggling to see the need simply because a user may or may not come across the page in the future that contains the form again, and even if they did, the form would tell them they have already completed hence the user would then continue on their way knowing there nothing for them on that page.

      If this was to prevent access to specific pages once the form was submitted, then I’d create a new user type called pass for example. I’d add a registration action to the form so when an existing user completes the form, they would also inherit the new user type of pass. You could then hide the form page and any other page or post from all pass users.

      I know it’s a long winded way around, but unless you can hard code a specific argument where the page was hidden from future view on submission, it’s not something I’ve ever seen WSForms archive.

      Sorry I can add anymore to this, but I’ll follow to see if the support team can provide a deeper insight as it has some rather interesting ramifications if it is indeed a simple solution.

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      Krishna Kirtan

      Thanks so much, Michael. I appreciate it.

      I have encountered this issue, and I don’t want users to go through it… To go to the next page, one must go through the form.

      Look, I was on the form, submitted it, and went to the next page. I had an emergency and had to leave the house. I closed my computer. I came back, and now I have to submit the form again to go to that page. Now, I don’t want to receive multiple submissions, and at the same time, a user should just be redirected. Know what I mean?

      The process is like this…
      User clicks on the subscription plan button in the homepage > redirect > Registration form page > redirect > to this form I’ve been talking about > redirect > checkout > redirect > to the customer dashboard.

      Button > Registration > form > checkout > dashboard

      Everything is all set up. I just want the limit by submission count to have a redirect option.

      Let’s say a user who has already signed up (they are automatically logged in after registration) clicks on this subscription plan button. They skip the registration form (redirected to the next page “form”) because they have already registered and are logged in. They are then brought to this “form” page. The ONLY thing I need to do is redirect them, since they have already submitted this “form”, to the checkout page.

      I hope I haven’t confused anyone.

      Oh, and welcome John! 😀

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      Michael Carter

      Given the example you have outlined, I’d suggest using the save form feature –
      It would resolve that issue very simply.

    • #142014
      John McBade

      I have a slightly different use case but along these lines I think.

      I have the actions set to have a link emailed to the submitter to be clicked on to verify their email (make sure they are not spammers). Once they click on the link and have verified their email is valid, then they can submit the form. I use this for Mailchimp sign=ups and for contact forms.

      Once they have a verified email address, it would be nice if they didn’t have to verify their email again.

      For Mailchimp they would then get a message “Already signed up” and for a contact form, just a contact form that needs no email validation.

      Thanks for some ideas on how to do this.

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      Krishna Kirtan

      Thanks for the suggestions and for sharing your use case. Since they have registered to the site and have submitted the form, in case they are not able to go back to the checkout without having to resubmit the form, I’ll either just ignore the duplicate or if they haven’t paid send them an email to the checkout.

      Even though I didn’t want to do things manually, I think this might be the way for now. Thanks again, guys!

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