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Home Forums General WooCommerce Addons with wsforms – issue regarding Add to cart button labels

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      Saskia Lund

      Hello there!

      I also bought this plugin from woocommerce.com:


      I set up 2 forms. Let’s say Form A is assigned to product A and form B is assigned to product B.
      I also set up a custom Add to cart Button text label per form. So add-to-cart-buttons of products, where form A is assigned, should read “Sign up teams” and add-to-cart-buttons of products where form B is assigned, should read “Sign up Kids” on product archives.

      This works – however when it comes to the related products section, which is visible on the single product page of product A, the add to cart button of product B in related products section reads “Sign up teams” (also links to product A instead of product product B) instead of desired “Sign up Kids”.
      Same goes for single product page of product B. If product A is listed in related products section, its add to cart button reads “Sign up Kids” (also links to product B instead of product A) instead of “Sign up teams”.

      Something is buggy here.
      Do you have a fix?

      View example A: https://fitwerft.de/shop/veranstaltungstickets/firmenlauf-2022/firmenlauf-2022-kids-anmeldung/
      View example B: https://fitwerft.de/shop/veranstaltungstickets/firmenlauf-2022/firmenlauf-2022-teamanmeldung/

Viewing 0 reply threads
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