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A mighty plugin

We use WS Form Pro for letting users submit their top web agencies at drweb.de/agenturen/ and have them pay a small subscription fee for featuring their agencies throughout our sites.

Which means, we’ve set-up PayPal *subscriptions* (not just one-off payments) with the help of WS Forms (Pro), something that other more prominent plugins like WP Forms etc. can’t do.

The whole handling of the plugin and its add-ons feels highly intuitive. We haven’t added any custom code to it other than a few lines of CSS. I had a few questions in the beginning and the WS Form customer support was both greatly helpful and very responsive. Their documentation is top-notch too, something that can really make a difference to me.

It integrates very nicely with both Elementor and WooCommerce, so that’s one of the things I love, amongst many other great features this plugin provides.

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