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A Very Extendable Plugin

My Usage – store site with WooCommerce, Astra Pro, WSFrom Pro, and WSForm WooCommerce Plugin.

Very glad purchasing this amazingly smart plugin. It is full of features, and the developers just know what every one needs. It automatically updates it’s behaviour when fields change, and can go at length at helping users make their life easier. Comes with all basic and most advanced form fields, and integrates with most famous plugins, and can be extended with Pro modules.

But what impress me the most about it is how you feel that the developer behind the form is someone really, really smart. Comes with AI features – which I’ve yet to try – and continues to get updates.

Support respones are fairly quick, within few minutes to few hours, and they provide helpful answers. Documentaion section is also loaded with all the help you might need, and I’ve also found online videos from webinars with WPBuilds to be quite useful.

Very happy with this plugin and would highly recommend it.

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Rapid, Responsive, Accessible, No-Code WordPress Forms