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Amazing plugin, even better support.

This plugin works really well, and is way more powerful than you realize. Some things that really stand out, and are to my knowledge not available in any other form plugin, are as follows:

  1. Webhook – also has the ability to handle the response and save JSON keys from the response in fields on your form. It can also be triggered from a button without submitting the form. This means you can dynamically pull data into your form based on user input.
  2. JavaScript action – you can trigger a snippet of JS code as an action.
  3. Variables – there is a very extensive number of configurable variables, e.g. you can dynamically set the labels on fields, which is something I needed but couldn’t find elsewhere.
  4. Event triggers – the conditional logic can fire on a very wide range of actions (e.g. mouse overs, editing fields, etc.).
  5. Support – OK, hands down best support I have ever had for a software product as far back as I can remember. Bar has been set, not sure anyone can beat this.

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