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AWEsome form builder!!!

By FAR!! The very best form builder I’ve used!! I got the Agency license.

Easy to use, incredibly rich conditional logic, granular control over display on any device type, an incredible number of post submission actions, support that has been lightning quick and above and beyond the call of duty (when’s the last time you had THAT!?!).

Our form needs require building somewhat intricate forms with several ‘moving parts’. I was able to replace five different forms with just one WS Form. Many (wo)man hours were spent beating the collected information into a form that was usable by our team.

Because of the abundant and thoughtful post submission actions you can design in WS Forms, our team will now be able to get to work doing their jobs instead of manually managing data. WS Form Builder will pay for itself many times over!!

Bravo Westguard Solutions …. watch out Gravity!

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