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BEST and SERIOUS form, ever.

I’m surprised when Mark, the plugin author told me they are a small team or company. I am that kind of person will search the community, internet and everywhere and make comparison and do it over again before choosing the tool for my project or site. This is the same with a WS form.

I have build a complicated form with another good form plugin. It is good and limited some way. But it failed when I dont want to sacrifice the pursuit of best user form experience.

WS form is recommended for anyone who is SERIOUS about form capability. (For non-serious user, it is ok too.)

I recommend it for the reasons below:
1) It is so powerful. Equipped with all kinds of conditions and actions which you can imagine. With that you can do EVERYTHING without coding. Serious. I am not a coder too.
2) Besides the conditions and actions, it has extra addons to extend the function further. Additional purchase of course. But I found it is more horrible when you cannot pay for the function you need.
3) I am amazed by the well-organized plugin backend design. You know where to look for the functions you need.
4) The support is FAST.

In conclusion, it is a really really good for plugin. Dont just look the assets the plugin loaded. Dont look at the cosmetics of the form builder. These are the mistakes I made. Give it a try. They have a demo site. The more I used, the more I love it because it can always fit your needs.

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