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Best Form & Best Support

I HIGHLY recommend the WSForm to anyone looking to build forms. The WSForm far exceeded all my expectations in a word press plugin.

Other forms I used in the past lacked functionality and were not flexible solving complex work flows and calculations.

Then I found WSForm.

During the free trial I became immediately impressed in how easy the WSForm was to use and how many additional rich and detailed features it has. This was the first time I had become excited when building a form.

As a business owner (not a developer or web designer), I was able to build a form with 90% of our “wish list” functionality within 15 minutes.

In addition, the WS support team has been fantastic. Mark and John are always very helpful and super quick in replying to requests.

Overall, I have had a great experience using the WSForm and would not go back to using any other form! I highly recommend it!

Steve T

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