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Best form plugin for freelancers and agencies

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a more flexible professional and complete form building solution for WordPress.

I’ve mostly been using the paid agency license with huge add-on collection but the lite version will certainly give you more than the basics you need without withholding key features so you upgrade.

I feel the highlights include:

1. Integrated support for frontend frameworks like Bootstrap and Foundation makes this a great pairing for agencies building sites based on picostrap or understrap.

2. Code quality, documentation, and examples is at least as high-quality as any other form solution with a “pro” focus.

3. Updates to the core plugin and add-ons happens very frequently and issues that are reported are fixed incredibly fast; expect very frequent updates.

4. I don’t feel like I ever have to tell a client I can’t build a feature their business requires equipped with this system.

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Rapid, Responsive, Accessible, No-Code WordPress Forms