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Better than anything else I’ve tried

I have used the full suite of both Ninja Forms and Gravity forms and I have found that WSForm is just so much easier to use. Most of the paid for add-ons you need in Ninja or Gravity forms are features which are bundled with the free version of WSForm.

Even though the free version has almost everything you need,this is one of those rare occasions when the paid for WSForm Pro is actually worth the price. When you consider what a well designed form can contribute to your business bottom line I feel that the fee is a price worth paying.

The support is just AWESOME. I’ve been trying to implement functionality that was never really intended but Westguard Solutions support have always found a solution for me. I’ve even had support response on a Sunday!!

If you’re looking for the best form plug-in this is absolutely it. I couldn’t recommend it more.

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