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Extremely Powerful and Superb Support

WS forms has been an absolute game changer within the form builder sector. WS forms is a lot more than just a form builder, it’s an entire toolkit which is able to handle alot more than just a standard contact or information summission form. We scoured the market high and low to find a pretty complex solution for a client, and WS form came out the gate swinging with a plethora of options, utilities and over ability.

The calculation functionality, custom function integration and ability to to pretty much work like an excel spreadsheet is nothing short of amazing. The possibilties are absolutely endless, and when you start using it within Woocommmerce, then everything changes.

The basic functionality of the form and doing standard things is a complete walk in the park with the available pre-built forms which cater to an annormous range of scenarios and industries. However, when you start working with more complex idea and functionality, the learning curve does begin to get a little steep. However, the brilliant support and speed at which my request was answered was amazing. I must preface that support requests are for general existing functionality and help within your own form, so you have to at least try and get your form to the point where you truly can’t do anything more without a little help.

The documentation for general use case and overall functionality is pretty good, with working examples and the ability to import demos from the WS form website so you can have a chance at seeing how it all works in the backend.

To wrap this review all up, I would 100% without a hesitation or doubt in my mind; recommend WS form to anyone working with forms, subscription data and Woocommerce. You will not regret it, and yes the free version is absolutely great for handling most things, but the Premium version and Woocommerce addon, take it to a whole new level. Your sites will feel alot more professional and customers will have a very easy user journey with how WS forms actually builds their forms and presents it on the front-end.

If you’re looking for a powerful solution with conditional logic, Ecommmerce functionality, complex form building and ease of use, then WS forms has to be by far the most obvious solution to anyone.

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