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The best plugin and with the best support

The best plugin and with the best support.

We use WS Forms on our NGO site to integrate all forms with Salesforce.

Thanks to Mark we have obtained for a more than reasonable price characteristics that with other options would have been hundreds of euros.

Mark always solves us technical problems in less than 24 hours and also if there is a functionality that is not developed quickly and even updates the plugin for you, proving that everything is going correctly. An excellent professional who cares about his clients, more than you can expect.

Some of the features that we are taking full advantage of and other plugins would ask us for hundreds of euros or an expensive development:

1. Updating the records from the web form. If a user had already left their data, and does it again but changes any of them, the plugin allows you to update the data automatically in Salesforce (a functionality that I asked Mark for and the same development at no cost).

2. Tracking register of the forms by parameters such as UTM or refferal, as well as IP. Now we can see in Salesforce the result of our campaigns thanks to being able to incorporate trackings in the forms in a simple way.

3. Sending emails to users after submitting the form.

These are some of the premium features that we have accessed for an excellent price.

We are very happy with WS Forms.

Thanks mark!!

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