THE Best

We have used another very well known form plugin for years and I don’t recall there ever being a project that we didn’t have to tweak things or add something to get it just right. On one of my projects nothing would resolve an issue where file uploads just wouldn’t work anymore. Additional addons and plugins and coding and even making the site insecure with a ling in wp-config to test it just wouldn’t work. I had been looking at WSFORM for awhile and decided to give it a go. I wasn’t even aware of the import/migration feature of other plugins forms. So painless. I downloaded, installed, imported and replaced the other plugins forms and had everything functioning and again secure in about 10 minutes! My second experience was an outside the box idea to use WSFORM to create 3 specialized calculators for a client. I needed a little help as I was still new to WSFORM and sent a support request late at night. I was surprised to receive a response in just a few minutes. The response wasn’t just a full explanation on how to do what I was attempting, but included a sample attachment for me to import and use. Another easy successful project for another client. Since this time we have been updating our clients sites to the new form system and have only received positive feedback. I can’t express enough how amazing WSFORM is. We were so impressed we asked Mark of WSFORM to be on a special episode of one of our PODCASTS rightfully titled, “Problem Solvers 006 – WSForm Solves Your Website Form Woes”.