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Versatile & Robust Form Plugin

Our website requires quite a lot of specialized features for our forms, including auto-saving, conditional logic, JavaScript, and unique styling, among others. In our complex combination of needs, WSForm has consistently shown that it can tackle our needs and be tweaked as needed even when we have special one-off scenarios.

While there are a few things that could be improved or added—such as text-based conditional logic (which would be very useful for advanced users like me who write lots of conditions 😄), nevertheless, when we stack it up against the other form plugins we’ve tried and used, WSForm continues to remain the most resilient and adaptable one we’ve encountered.

Another thing that really stands out is how responsive and helpful the developer has been whenever we’ve reached out for support. His keen guidance and suggestions have been truly valuable.

Our verdict is that WSForm is one of the most polished and refined form plugins out there right now. From our experience, we can confidently say that we’re really impressed with it as a versatile tool. All in all, it’s a robust and fine-grained solution for creating forms, no matter how complex or simple the task.

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