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“WS Form” is in another league! (10/10) 💯⭐

This plugin is excellent, and I am going to copy literally the email I sent to Mark (its developer) after testing WS Form!:

“Mark, I have to say, your plugin does not compete with the others (Fluent forms, formidable, wpforms, etc), it is completely on another level !

It reminds me of when I switched from Elementor to Bricks, and went from being able to create a simple website to a complete app in wordpress. Using your plugin feels like that change too.

With WS form + Bricks + Wpcodebox + Flowmatic + Funnelkit CRM… I can create a whole app.

Now I not only want to change the forms for users to create blogs in frontend and other stuff, but for all the employees and myself that was loading the custom post web content from the horrible and confusing wordpress backend.

Now I am going to put together a clean front end admin pages, to load woocommerce products, content, and other custom post for internal employees. It’s going to look awesome and a pleasure to work with.

Not to mention the OPEN AI integration. I was going to do it with flowmatic and now I’m going to do it directly in the form for automatic content creation, sales texts for the product pages and more!I congratulate you for taking form programs to another level, like Bricks did with wordpress web creation! 👏👏👏”

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