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WS Form laughs in the face of compromise.

I’ve tried neatly all the other form plugins, and was frustrated by their limitations. WS Form, refreshingly, seems to be limitless. Anything I can think of, WS Form manifests it.

As an example — one of my clients is an early childhood education business, and they wanted a form that filled a Google Sheet with abbreviated names of their various programs — the abbreviations would make the sheet easier for them to read and process.

However, those abbreviated names weren’t user friendly because they were abstract and didn’t adequately describe the programs to their potential clients.

WS Form gave me the power to create a form that filled the Google Sheet with the abbreviated program names, and present the full descriptive program names to potential clients on the front end.

This scenario would have forced me to make a compromise in any other form plugin. WS Form laughs in the face of compromise.

The support is unrivaled, too. As a new user, I had some questions about how to do a few things. To my surprise, Mark Westguard, the founder of Westguard Solutions (the company that develops WS Form) responded directly to my email quicker than a hiccup. He answered all of my questions, and even identified a small bug with adding spaces to comma delimited values that he patched within a day! Un-freaking-real!

It’s a struggle bus to think of anything that isn’t a 5 out of 5 about WS Form. It has the power and flexibility to do pretty much anything, and the support is truly next level. Save yourself the time and hassle of courting other form plugins and go with the king, WS Form.

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