Version 1.3.1 Released – WS Form

Version 1.3.1 Released

We’re pleased to announce the 1.3.1 release of WS Form PRO!

This version introduces some great new features!

Migration Tool

Upgrading to the latest generation of form plugin is now even easier with our Migration Tool.

The migration tool allows you to import form and submission data from other form plugins such as WPForms, Gravity Forms and Visual Form Builder.

The migration supports the following:

  • Import of all WS Form PRO field types
  • All field attributes such as label, label position, hidden, default values, placeholders etc.
  • Tabs and sections
  • Advanced field types such as signatures and file uploads
  • Import of submissions for any form

Further information about the migration tool can be found in our knowledge base.

We plan on adding migrations from other form plugins soon. If you have any preference on where we focus our attention next, please do let us know.

Form Statistics

The form list now shows statistics on each of your form. Statistics include:

  • Total Views
  • Total Saves
  • Total Saves
  • Conversion Rate

We have big plans for form statistics, so watch this space!

Form Limits

It is now possible to impose limits on forms as follows:

  • Total number of submissions
    • Lifetime
    • Per day
    • Per week
    • Per month
    • Per year
  • Scheduling by date and time
  • Only show forms to logged in users

These new features are great for surveys with a time limit, private forms or contests with limited entries.

Submission Stars

Submissions can now be starred so that you can highlight submissions of interest. You can also sort by that column to group starred submissions together.

Furthermore, submissions now have a ‘Read’ state so that you can easily identify which submissions you have already viewed.

Field De-duplication

You can now set de-duplication on any text based field in WS Form PRO. This is particularly useful for a field that needs to contain a unique ID that cannot be submitted more than once.

To set up de-duplication, simply click the gear icon on a field and then click on the ‘Advanced’ tab. Scroll down to ‘Duplication’ and then check the ‘No Duplication’ checkbox. You can also enter a custom message that is shown if a duplicate value is found. This is shown using standard HTML 5 custom validation handling so it will show in the same way a field might if you do not fill out a required field.

Rating Field Type

The new rating field type allows you to request rating feedback from form users.

Jump straight into our Rating knowledge base article to learn more about this cool new field type!

Textarea Visual & HTML Editor

Textarea fields can now be modified to show the WordPress visual editor or HTML editor. This is a great feature for the WS Form PRO Post Management tool that allows web users to add posts via a form on your website.

Spam Level

You can now set a spam level from 0 (Not spam) to 100 (Blatant spam) at which WS Form PRO will move a submission into the spam folder automatically.

To introduce spam levels, you need to use the Akismet action or introduce a version 3 reCAPTCHA, both of which provide spam scoring feedback to your submissions.