Version 1.4.0 Released – WS Form

Version 1.4.0 Released

We are pleased to announce version 1.4.0 of WS Form PRO.

Divi Visual Builder Module

Divi Visuall Builder Module

If you use Divi for your WordPress website, WS Form PRO now has a Divi module ready to use! We’re the first WordPress form plugin to feature a full compatible Divi module that previews the form in the Divi visual builder.

To use the module, simple click ‘+’ and select the WS Form module.

Then select your form from the pull down list and that’s it!

Google Sheets Add-On

The Google Sheets add-on allows you to push submissions to your spreadsheet. Not only does it push the data, but it also formats your spreadsheet cells to match the field type you chose on your form. So, for example, color fields appear as colored cells with the chosen hexadecimal value. Date fields are formatted so that you apply date calculation formulas.

For more information about the Google Sheets Add-On, click here.