Why We Don’t Offer Lifetime Licenses

Some customers ask us why we don’t offer a lifetime license. I’ve written this blog post to answer that question.

One of our objectives is to become the #1 form plugin for WordPress. WS Form is a plugin that has been constantly improved since we launched in November 2018 and we intend to continue this rapid development.

In addition to the product development, customer service is our number one priority. I believe we provide unrivaled customer service, often releasing same day bug fixes or even new features for our customers as a result.

Our business model is not sustainable without the license renewal. This means that if we offer a lifetime license, it would mean that in 5 or 10 years we won’t be able to provide the same premium support, same frequent feature updates and the same standard of product.

Lifetime deals are often offered by companies wishing to raise initial capital. We were fortunate to be self funded from day one.

A lifetime license actually works against customers’ interests, as it leaves them with products that may be cheaper, but are less sustainable in the future. Indeed we are starting to see ‘competitors’ offering lifetime deals for $10 for inferior products and even plugins that have blatantly copied our and other leading form plugin code, functionality and/or content.

Furthermore lifetime licenses are often tied to a major release of software, meaning if a new major version occurs your lifetime deal is no longer valid for future releases of software.

We’re proud to be a U.S. based company employing 100% U.S. based staff.

Rest assured that your annual investment will pay off, in the level of support, in receiving prompt updates and new features and in the total dedication of our team. I believe this is evident in our reviews and positive feedback we receive from our customers.

We are very thankful to our loyal customers and we are excited about the future of WS Form!


Mark Westguard
President – WS Form