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About Us

WS Form is a plugin developed by a small team of experienced WordPress enthusiasts. We’re committed to helping you rapidly develop forms for any project requirement.

We’re often asked, why did we develop WS Form?

We come from a web agency background with over 25 years of web development experience. We identified a need to improve the efficiency at which our own agency was able to produce simple and complex forms for our clients in WordPress. Web forms consistently presented unnecessary challenges and development bottlenecks.

Forms are often unappreciated and neglected on websites. They shouldn’t be. They provide a critical link between potential and existing customers and your team.

Traditionally, creating forms has been a difficult and code intensive process, often requiring custom CSS, JavaScript, extensive server-side development and a dizzying array of additional plugins for the simplest functionality.

In short, we felt we could build a better WordPress form plugin. The industry deserved a plugin that would reduce development times and increase form capabilities. The web is a very different place to what it was even 10 years ago. It was time for a next generation form plugin.

WS Form represents over 4 years of ground-up development to bring you the very latest in WordPress form development innovation. Our technology is now frequently imitated, even copied by other form plugins. Despite this, we’re committed to staying one step ahead.

We bravely jumped into a saturated and cut-throat form plugin market. Developing and growing WS Form has been incredibly challenging, but the hard work has paid off. Forms developed with WS Form are now featured on thousands of customer websites and we feel a great deal of gratitude toward our loyal customers and ambassadors.

In addition to our goal of being the number one form builder for web developers, customer service remains our number one priority. We’re committed to helping you achieve your objectives with WS Form. We invite customers to make feature requests to help us steer the product in your direction.

We’re excited for you to try WS Form and we thank you for your business.

Mark Westguard
Founder – WS Form