Reviews – WS Form


  • Chris Lema

    Few plugins have done the work to integrate this deeply with WooCommerce. Customers will be surprised and delighted.

  • Elliot Condon

    Features upon features upon features! WS Form is a powerhouse form building solution for all websites.

  • Kori Ashton

    Not only is the form plugin incredibly powerful and flexible – but it also comes with the best support in the industry!

  • Tom Fanelli

    I highly recommend this form solution! I will be using it going forward for all my forms and clients.

  • Jeffrey Cronkshaw

    We use WS Form across all our client sites as it is simply the best WordPress form plugin out there.

  • jcruth

    This is by far the best form plugin I have used. If you need a form plugin, this is the one.

    - jcruth WordPress User
  • Melanie Wise

    By FAR!! The very best form builder I’ve used!! …. watch out Gravity!

    - Melanie Wise WordPress User
  • Steve T

    I HIGHLY recommend the WS Form to anyone looking to build forms. WS Form far exceeded all my expectations in a WordPress plugin.

    - Steve T WordPress User
  • ycits

    Does everything you would want it to do and so much more. Support is outstanding.

    - ycits WordPress User
  • ngrijalva

    Wow! Where to start? I can’t say enough good things about WS Form.

    - ngrijalva WordPress User
  • gregmerriman

    I have used the full suite of both Ninja Forms and Gravity forms and I have found that WSForm is just so much easier to use.

    - gregmerriman WordPress User
  • deedee2227

    This form builder is absolutely wonderful. Wish we had found it sooner.

    - deedee2227 WordPress User
  • robbiebott

    The developer has been absolutely fantastic. The response time for support is quick, unlike some one the other form plugins I have used.

    - robbiebott WordPress User
  • haritomedia

    Kudos and compliments to the team and a big thank you from Haritomedia!!!

    - haritomedia WordPress User
  • coedmonkey

    It has helped us tremendously in taking a really complex business challenge and given us the only tool flexible enough to handle all of our requirements.

    - coedmonkey WordPress User
  • steel89ita

    A really useful plugin with advanced functionalities that it’s difficult to find elsewhere.

    - steel89ita WordPress User
  • babeard1

    WS Forms pretty much has you covered for any situation you can think of while integrating with all the 3rd party services clients use.

    - babeard1 WordPress User
  • caricaturist

    I’m quite impressed with the friendly customer service. Highly recommended!

    - caricaturist WordPress User
  • leesacabuconz

    Highly recommend their products and the team. Keep up the good work guys!

    - leesacabuconz WordPress User
  • Janet A

    This is the new go to forms plugin. Support is quick to respond and eager to help out any way they can. Highly recommend.

    - Janet A WordPress User
  • iMac1943

    This is not only the best form, you receive also the best reply on questions. The best form plugin, the best support.

    - iMac1943 WordPress User
  • martinfrilys

    I have tried other form plugins but WS Form is definitely the best. If that is not enough the support is by far the best customer support I have ever received in any sector ever.

    - martinfrilys WordPress User
  • NC

    Exactly what I needed. Works really well with WooCommerce and support is fast and effective!

    - NC WordPress User
  • HookSEO

    We have been updating our clients sites to the WS Form and have only received positive feedback. I can’t express enough how amazing WS Form is.

    - HookSEO WordPress User
  • cfonate

    The best plugin and with the best support. We are very happy with WS Forms.

    - cfonate WordPress User
  • Uve

    I’m convinced that this this is the best new plugin for building forms!!

    - Uve WordPress User
  • tracwire

    Simple to use, very intuitive. As long as they are around, you got a customer for life. Thanks for your help.

    - tracwire WordPress User
  • triscariwebteam

    Nothing but great things to say. Highly recommend this plugin. By far the best one I’ve used.

    - triscariwebteam WordPress User
  • Maarten Belmans

    I’ve tried a couple of form builders out there and this one surprised me the most. It’s an unknown gem!

    - Maarten Belmans WordPress User