• Kyle Van Deusen

    I've been blown away by the versatility of WS Form. It has made me feel like I have superpowers without ever having to write a single line of code!

  • BobWP

    WS Form is the ideal plugin for WooCommerce developers. It offers flexibility, control, and comfort for optimizing forms on clients' sites.

  • Kevin Geary

    I’ve tried every well-known form plugin for WordPress, and WS Form stands head and shoulders above them all. Features, integrations, documentation, support, ease-of-use –– it checks every box.

  • Nathan Wrigley

    I know what you're thinking... I already have a WordPress form plugin. You're right, you do, but if you don't have WS Form then you might want to take a look.

  • Wes

    WS Form is extremely versatile and comes with great support!

    - Wes
  • bureau54

    This plugin is 100% worth it. The developer thought about every functionality a form plugin needs to have. I fully recommend this plugin.

    - bureau54
  • kennethrg

    Very slick and powerful interface for designing forms. This is my new go-to form plugin for all my sites!

    - kennethrg
  • hellojosh

    I’ve tested many different form plugins and WS Form is really one of the best. The core feature set is very robust and the support is incredible.

    - hellojosh
  • adamehunt

    WS Form has the power and flexibility to do pretty much anything, and the support is truly next level. Save yourself the time and hassle of courting other form plugins and go with the king, WS Form.

    - adamehunt
  • Tecology

    After trying (and failing) with many premium form builders, I can genuinely say the WS Forms is miles ahead of the rest. If you are a serious WordPress designer or developer, this product sets the bar.

    - Tecology
  • jdiprint

    Wow! I can honestly say I have never before received this level of support from a plugin provider. Thank you WS Form!

    - jdiprint
  • kunpengliu

    The most powerful and well-designed form plugin! This plugin simply blows my mind.

    - kunpengliu
  • Chris Badgett

    WS Form is the most powerful WordPress form plugin I have ever used. Great support too!

  • exipexi

    WS Form is so much more powerful and feature-rich than any other form plugin I have ever used. 100 % recommended! You will not regret buying it!

    - exipexi
  • ykf1

    I tried a couple of other pro form builders before this, and they didn't work for me. I then bought the PRO version of WS Forms and it fixed all my issues.

    - ykf1
  • RRF Web Servant

    Easy to setup and use, Perfect for our needs!

    - RRF Web Servant
  • Websalia

    We have not yet found a problem that can’t be solved by this plugin. Plus, the support is amazing! Thank you for this great product.

    - Websalia
  • webstudent123

    Was using a few other form plugins prior WS Forms and although some worked well, nothing has worked nearly as great as WS Forms. Highly recommend. Great support too.

    - webstudent123
  • Michi Wangard

    Thanks for this great Plugin. Even as anNewbie I created some impressive and valuable forms. Well done!

    - Michi Wangard
  • jimilives74

    I have had the other big player in WordPress forms and I have to say WSForm is so much better and more powerful. Get this plugin, seriously, it is worth it.

    - jimilives74
  • martinstrycek

    WS Form is best form plugin I know. I tried a lot of them but I am most comfortable with using WS Form.

    - martinstrycek
  • websitewierdo

    If you’re looking for an easy way to make advanced forms, with little to no coding whatsoever, you’re in the right place. This is by far the best form plugin I have used.

    - websitewierdo
  • maven1129

    I’ve been using WordPress for 10 years, and I’ve tried hundreds of plugins. I’ve never come across anything so well coded and extensive as WS Form. It is truly fantastic.

    - maven1129
  • Maryann R

    The add-ons available were all out of the box, and worked great! Focus on accessibility is amazing too. I love the conditional functionality built-in as well!

    - Maryann R
  • Martin Ratiborsky

    The best form builder for WordPress I’ve come across. Clear and editable. Technical support is very flexible.

    - Martin Ratiborsky
  • supamic

    I’ll be moving several of my clients to WS Form once my other form plugin subscriptions have lapsed.

    - supamic
  • simplypress

    WS Forms is the most robust and flexible form builder on the market. Cannot recommend enough!

    - simplypress
  • AgenturWP

    For me, by far the best form system for WordPress! I am super happy with the product and the excellent support. I can only recommend everyone to try this form builder!

    - AgenturWP
  • Michael Carter

    I’ve been using WS Forms for a few months, and after spending 10 years on JotForm, I’m please to say I’ve just about completed the move of all my clients forms over to WSForms.

    - Michael Carter
  • Sunny Trochaniak

    I can confidently say WS Form is the most powerful form builder for WordPress I have ever used.

  • brettfielo

    The WS Form plugin is fantastic. There are a ton of options and integrations that make this a must have addition. Add to this world class (not kidding) support and WS Form is the right choice.

    - brettfielo
  • patmatt

    Formidable forms user for almost a decade. Made the switch for many reasons but have never looked back. You can’t go wrong here. Awesome support. Best form plugin.

    - patmatt
  • althaidi

    WS Form is the most comprehensive and advanced form builder for WordPress, especially when combined with their pro add-ons. I’m genuinely very impressed and happy with the product and support. Highly recommended.

    - althaidi
  • dnuon

    Plenty of options in the free version with loads more added when upgrading to PRO. Great form building plugin!

    - dnuon
  • Michelle Frechette

    This is the most robust form plugin I’ve ever used. This is my new go-to for online forms.

  • ccmp

    I have bought WSForm and this is the best plug-in in my installation. Very stable, technically high-end build and so customizable. This support is awesome. There are so much possibilities!

    - ccmp
  • Jon Lewis

    I’ve used several form plugins for WordPress but WS Form is by far my favorite. Its features are way more advanced than the other popular ones and the customer support has been great so far. I highly recommend it for those with more complex needs.

    - Jon Lewis
  • thinkgobig

    I have been using WordPress since 2006. I’ve used hundreds of different plugins, including many of the popular (and not so popular) form plugins. Gravity forms is great. WS Form is better.

    - thinkgobig
  • amendment

    The WS-Forms team has built a powerful forms application and they keep improving it with each release. I recommend WS-Form over all other WordPress options! Excellent product and amazing team behind it!

    - amendment
  • upt2

    WS Form is simply the best plug-in in the WordPress universe – period. The support is wonderful, fast, friendly and always available.

    - upt2
  • jamesburden

    I’ve been building WordPress websites for over 10 years and in that time I’ve used nearly every form solution out there. WS Form is head and shoulders above the rest. It’s insanely powerful, reliable and flexible.

    - jamesburden
  • claygeorge1

    Creating complex, great looking forms is easy with this plug in. It works great and the customer service is second to none. I couldn’t recommend it more!

    - claygeorge1
  • debasti

    WS Form is by far the most powerful form tool for WordPress that I know of. Thanks for this great plugin which is worth every Euro!

    - debasti
  • AWOL

    The clinching factor though has been the amazingly fast and helpful support. Highly recommended from everything I have seen so far.

    - AWOL
  • lestergo315

    WS Form is one of the most powerful, flexible, and reliable contact forms on the market today. The support is probably the reason why I think sets them apart from the rest — super helpful!

    - lestergo315
  • royab2

    The most intuitive and powerful form builder I’ve ever used. Also truly exemplary customer support backing it up. If only all software suppliers could be this good!

    - royab2
  • dariobros

    Fantastic piece of software. Keep up the good work. Smooth contact form plugin.

    - dariobros
  • Robert1112

    WS form is recommended for anyone who is SERIOUS about form capability. The more I used, the more I love it because it can always fit your needs.

    - Robert1112
  • bangelo123

    By far the best plugin of the WordPress ecosystem ... amazing tool, superb support and the best documentation ever produced by a developer ... you have no idea.

    - bangelo123
  • Ian Dunlop

    WS Form PRO is simply the best form builder on the planet. Big shout out to WS Form for a great product and fantastic support.

    - Ian Dunlop
  • Sunny T

    WS Form offers another level of features that simply isn't available elsewhere. It's almost as much of an app builder as it is a form builder.

    - Sunny T
  • cisfan11

    Highly Recommended. The technical support is second-to-none. So glad to have their support.

    - cisfan11
  • Ariana Nicole

    This plugin is well supported and the developers are very responsive. I recommend!

    - Ariana Nicole
  • weldonlh

    The developers of WS Form thought through how to make the system as powerful and flexible as possible while still being easy to use.

    - weldonlh
  • hmwstudio

    WS Form empowers me to expand my horizons with what is possible with WordPress and then deliver my ideas and designs without seeking a third party dev / frontend resource.

    - hmwstudio
  • John Dillon

    I rarely leave reviews let alone seek out leaving one without being asked, but this is hands down the best plugin Ive come across for WordPress.

    - John Dillon
  • michelyweb

    Thanks so much for this great form plugin. Functionality is awesome and the advanced features are outstanding.

    - michelyweb
  • Casey Strouse

    You'll be hard-pressed to find a more flexible professional and complete form building solution for WordPress.

    - Casey Strouse
  • Bjarne Oldrup

    The drag and drop building implementation is the best I’ve seen so far amongst form builders. Really appreciate the effort made to make this form builder validate HTML, its privacy features and the WCAG compliance.

    - Bjarne Oldrup
  • joekercom

    Very functional and highly customizable, excellent support also.

    - joekercom
  • deralict

    I've used several form plugins, most recently Formidable Forms which was I thought was the most advanced, develop-friendly one around. Not anymore. Absolutely worth every penny.

    - deralict
  • Chris Lema

    Few plugins have done the work to integrate this deeply with WooCommerce. Customers will be surprised and delighted.

  • Elliot Condon

    Features upon features upon features! WS Form is a powerhouse form building solution for all websites.

  • Kori Ashton

    Not only is the form plugin incredibly powerful and flexible – but it also comes with the best support in the industry!

  • Tom Fanelli

    I highly recommend this form solution! I will be using it going forward for all my forms and clients.

  • Jeffrey Cronkshaw

    We use WS Form across all our client sites as it is simply the best WordPress form plugin out there.

  • Nick Papazetis

    I am using WordPress almost 10 years and it’s the first time I used a contact form with all these functionalities and 1 day support!

    - Nick Papazetis
  • jcruth

    This is by far the best form plugin I have used. If you need a form plugin, this is the one.

    - jcruth
  • oliver1000

    Most flexible and reliable form plugin with tons of options and very easy to use. Thank for the outstanding support! Never had such a fast responding support team.

    - oliver1000
  • wipx

    I have tried many form plugins, WS Form is without a doubt the most powerful and intelligent.

    - wipx
  • allinracing

    Incredibly complete, efficient and effective. With incredible support ! Fast and friendly ! Thank you !

    - allinracing
  • SoloAnt

    This is a very customizable form builder. The team is very responsive if issues come up as well as open to adding new functions and adding them quickly.

    - SoloAnt
  • andrewgchoi43

    There are too many things to describe this amazing plugin, and I can certainly say that the plugin is very underpriced to its value.

    - andrewgchoi43
  • mostafiuc

    This is the best form plugin by far. Support is fast and effective. You shouldn’t look anywhere else for a form builder.

    - mostafiuc
  • kenedepot

    The Team over at WS Form have been amazing in assisting with a complex form we are building. Thank you for the excellent product.

    - kenedepot
  • kouroshrg

    The best plugin ever and amazing support. The best team ever.

    - kouroshrg
  • wadsys

    Everything I need, I have tried many form plugins and this one is the best in my 15 years online.

    - wadsys
  • sxp6200

    I can’t express how happy I am to switch to WS Form. This is an 11 out 10 plugin!

    - sxp6200
  • jaysav22

    This form plugin is everything you need for your website, and their support is simply amazing, fast and very helpful. WS Form – You Guys Rock!

    - jaysav22
  • kassim786

    WS Form is by far the best WordPress form I have used. Without WS Form I would have required a bespoke solution.

    - kassim786
  • cggid

    WS Form was the perfect fit for conditional form building in my shop. If you’re on the fence between form plugins, then let the support from WS Form make the decision easy. 5-star without question!

    - cggid
  • markdaily

    Very great plugin with the best support team. If you want to create individual forms for WooCommerce products, you definitely need this!

    - markdaily
  • indysigner

    The whole handling of the plugin and its add-ons feels highly intuitive. We haven’t added any custom code to it other than a few lines of CSS.

    - indysigner
  • ap24

    Every question I’ve asked has been quickly answered in a concise and polite manner. WS Form is a five-star piece of software, but the support behind it is nothing less that stellar.

    - ap24
  • josett225

    Until now the support has been fast, reactive and efficient. Keep doing it and keep listening to customers.

    - josett225
  • sumoboy

    The free version is great and amazingly powerful, but the pro addon’s really put it ahead of other form tools. Especially the ACF integration, just amazing. Support has been top notch and fast.

    - sumoboy
  • Melanie Wise

    By FAR!! The very best form builder I’ve used!! …. watch out Gravity!

    - Melanie Wise
  • gregmerriman

    I have used the full suite of both Ninja Forms and Gravity forms and I have found that WSForm is just so much easier to use.

    - gregmerriman
  • deedee2227

    This form builder is absolutely wonderful. Wish we had found it sooner.

    - deedee2227
  • robbiebott

    The developer has been absolutely fantastic. The response time for support is quick, unlike some one the other form plugins I have used.

    - robbiebott
  • haritomedia

    Kudos and compliments to the team and a big thank you from Haritomedia!!!

    - haritomedia
  • coedmonkey

    It has helped us tremendously in taking a really complex business challenge and given us the only tool flexible enough to handle all of our requirements.

    - coedmonkey
  • steel89ita

    A really useful plugin with advanced functionalities that it’s difficult to find elsewhere.

    - steel89ita
  • babeard1

    WS Forms pretty much has you covered for any situation you can think of while integrating with all the 3rd party services clients use.

    - babeard1
  • martinfrilys

    I have tried other form plugins but WS Form is definitely the best. If that is not enough the support is by far the best customer support I have ever received in any sector ever.

    - martinfrilys
  • tracwire

    Simple to use, very intuitive. As long as they are around, you got a customer for life. Thanks for your help.

    - tracwire
  • triscariwebteam

    Nothing but great things to say. Highly recommend this plugin. By far the best one I’ve used.

    - triscariwebteam
  • Maarten Belmans

    I’ve tried a couple of form builders out there and this one surprised me the most. It’s an unknown gem!

    - Maarten Belmans
  • Steve T

    I HIGHLY recommend the WS Form to anyone looking to build forms. WS Form far exceeded all my expectations in a WordPress plugin.

    - Steve T
  • ycits

    Does everything you would want it to do and so much more. Support is outstanding.

    - ycits
  • ngrijalva

    Wow! Where to start? I can’t say enough good things about WS Form.

    - ngrijalva
  • caricaturist

    I’m quite impressed with the friendly customer service. Highly recommended!

    - caricaturist
  • leesacabuconz

    Highly recommend their products and the team. Keep up the good work guys!

    - leesacabuconz
  • Janet A

    This is the new go to forms plugin. Support is quick to respond and eager to help out any way they can. Highly recommend.

    - Janet A
  • iMac1943

    This is not only the best form, you receive also the best reply on questions. The best form plugin, the best support.

    - iMac1943
  • NC

    Exactly what I needed. Works really well with WooCommerce and support is fast and effective!

    - NC
  • HookSEO

    We have been updating our clients sites to the WS Form and have only received positive feedback. I can’t express enough how amazing WS Form is.

    - HookSEO
  • cfonate

    The best plugin and with the best support. We are very happy with WS Forms.

    - cfonate
  • Uve

    I’m convinced that this this is the best new plugin for building forms!!

    - Uve