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5 Reasons to Use Mailster for Your Email Newsletters

5 Reasons to Use Mailster for Your Email Newsletter

Mailster is an email newsletter builder that lets you send emails from your WordPress website using any email provider. With Mailster, you won’t need to log into a second platform and build the newsletter. Instead, you can build the newsletter directly from your content, edit and improve it, and send it- all without leaving your website. This saves time and makes sending those emails much more convenient.

Mailster integrates well into dozens of plugins including WS Form. It couldn’t be easier to use, and there are many advantages to using Mailster. In this post, we’ll look at five reasons to use Mailster to send your email newsletters from WordPress.

1. Fully Integrated with WS Form

WS Form can create a Mailster form with a single click. It creates the form and configures it automatically, so it’s ready to use instantly. These forms are bi-directional. You can create Mailster forms with a single click, populate the form using Mailster, subscribe or unsubscribe contacts, automatically map fields, build opt-in forms, and more. Mailster forms are easy to create in WS Form. Let’s take a look at the simple process.

With the WS Form Pro Mailster add-on installed and activated, go to WS Form > Add New in the WordPress dashboard and select the Mailster tab. Here, you’ll see the WS Form Mailster templates that are available to use.


Hover your mouse pointer over the template you want to use and click Use Template.


You now have a form with Mailster already enabled. It’s that simple. It’s now ready to add to your website the same way you’d add any form in WS Form.


2. Data Ownership

Mailster is fully GDPR compliant. Users own their data, and they have full control over that data. They can import or export their data with ease. All of your subscriber’s data is stored in your database, so no third party can get access to the data. This keeps subscriber’s data completely secure. If you’ve connected Mailster to a third-party email platform, and that platform gets hacked, your data, and your subscriber’s data remain safe.

3. Unlimited Subscribers, Campaigns, and Lists

Mailster does not have the limits that most other platforms have. Many limit the number of subscribers, emails, etc. With those platforms, if you want to gain more subscribers or send more emails, they require you to upgrade to a more expensive plan.

Mailster is unlimited in the number of subscribers, campaigns, and lists. You’ll never have to upgrade to get more features and grow your email list. This means you can get more leads without them costing you more, which is great for growing your platform, business, social networking, and building your online presence.

4. Automation

Starting with version 4.0, Mailster includes automation that builds customer journeys with workflows. Automation is a great way to save time when sending emails. Set up the schedule once and Mailster will send it according to your schedule. Automatically send emails, auto-responders, drip campaigns, follow-up emails, birthday wishes, posts, products, events, and a lot more.

Schedule the campaigns and responders based on the time, time zone, date range, and the specific days the email will be sent to subscribers. The time zone feature is especially interesting. This ensures that all subscribers get the newsletter at the time you’ve selected, regardless of where they are. For example, if you’ve decided that 8:00 AM is the best time for them to receive your newsletter, all subscribers will receive the email at 8:00 AM their time.

5. Pre-Check

It’s extremely annoying to send a newsletter only to find an error after you click to send it. To build the best and most professional image possible, we want to find errors before we hit send. To help with discovering errors before sending the newsletter, Mailster gives you an option called pre-check.

Pre-check allows you to thoroughly test the quality of your email before sending it. It checks your content and provides feedback on what should be improved. It includes an overall score and checks the message, links, images, spam report, authentication, and blacklist. Pre-check helps you build the highest quality newsletter possible and protects you from ending up in the spam folder or getting blocked.

Ending Thoughts on Five Reasons to Use Mailster

That’s our look at five reasons to use Mailster for sending your email newsletters from WordPress. Mailster has a lot more features than we’ve highlighted here. Mailster works great with any email provider and integrates well with WS Form. It’s great for saving time since you can build your emails from within WordPress and send them without leaving your website.

Creating a Mailster form in WS Form just requires a button click to choose the form you want. It couldn’t be easier. Create emails, schedule them, populate forms, and lots more. The five features we covered here make it easy to see why Mailster is a great choice for your email newsletter platform to use with WordPress and WS Form.

We want to hear from you. Do you use Mailster with your WordPress website? Let us know in the comments.

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